Sep 23, 2017

So what happened? Did I stay married? Did LeeRoy Divorce me? Did I walk away from God?

So what happened?  Did LeeRoy Divorce me? Did God's Spirit convict my heart?

Find out on Monday morning at 9:00am when I resume posting my personal Journal entries. 

Meanwhile, have a wonderful LORD's Day tomorrow. 

And, may our LORD, Jesus Christ bless you in some sweet personal way so that you KNOW that 


Sep 2, 2017

June 27, 2013: My Personal Journal Entry: My Husband got Baptised, now he wants a Divorce!

Dear Jesus, today after fighting for several days straight, I called my husband at work. Again, I felt weary. I let my emotions get the best of me and sadly, I started another argument.  After we hung up the phone, my husband called a divorce attorney and the same Pastor who baptized him and announced that he was filing for divorce.  He had decided it would be easier to end our marriage of ten years than to listen to one more judgmental, condemning and disrespectful word. 
Then, tonight before laying our heads down to sleep, he broke the news to me. He casually said, “I will find a place for you and our son to live.” The pain became unbearable. “Ahh, an answer to prayer,” I thought as if You would condone a divorce. Then, I rashly and pridefully replied, “You don’t have to kick us out. I’ll find us a place to live!” 

Now, I find myself on one of the worst roads I have ever traveled with pride. And, I am left wondering, “Is my marriage to LeeRoy, over for good?”


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