May 23, 2011

Still Humbled!

Last week, I was asked by several young adults if I had heard about May 21, 2011, "the end of the world." At first, I responded with a quick, "Yes, my pastor mentioned the prediction in church. He went on to demonstrate how Mr. Camping's theory was incorrect using scripture found in the Gospel of Matthew."

Still, later, I felt humbled by my own inability to respond to the question. So I grabbed my bible and began to read scripture.

With my bible opened on my lap, a familiar feeling entered my heart. I wanted desperately to reach out to Mr. Harold Camping, the predictor of the May 21, 2011 end of the world event. I felt compassion for him, as I wondered how he was dealing with all the negative publicity in the aftermath of his failed prediction. In my heart, I was sure this man hadn't set out to purposely mislead others, but instead was relying on his own understanding rather than God's.  In my past arrogance, I had relied on my own understanding, twisted scripture and offended God.Yet, God forgave me as I repented and humbled myself.

Then, I thanked God for the changes He had made in me. I asked God to bring true believers into Mr. Camping's life. I prayed that God would have others show this man mercy and that he would finally begin to care more about God's predictions than his own.

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