Aug 18, 2011

Here I am Lord, Send Me...

In the year 2000, I decided to go to Africa on a short-term mission trip. The cost was $3,000.00. At the time, I was in credit card debt and already having a difficult time paying rent. So to save money and pay off immediate bills, I moved back home to live with my parents. After a summer's time, I had paid a few bills and enough money to afford the short-term mission.

Back then, I professed my faith in Jesus Christ. Still, I chose a secular mission organization. Preparation for the trip included getting several immunization shots, scavenger hunting for army gear at the local thrift store and even studying the indigenous language of Swahili. Not once, did I think to open a bible before serving on  a mission field across the world.

Upon arrival to our village of Kikombero, I immediately noticed a cultural divide. Curious, I asked why the villagers were on one side of the road, while the missionaries were on the other side. I was told, "The villagers believe that if you touch a person with white skin, you'll bleed." I simply couldn't accept this explanation, so I arrogantly gathered a few children together. I began to teach them secular songs and dances. I had worked in an after-school daycare and with children for years. Within days, my travel companions began to cross the cultural divide too. Watch the video here:

Today, as I watch that old video from my trip to Africa,  I feel a lump in my throat. My eyes well with tears and my heart aches as I question... "How could I have called myself a Christian, used God's money, flown to the ends of the earth and not shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"

In response, I daily pray, "Lord, if You will send me, even just outside of my front door, I will tell everyone about You, Your sacrifice for me and how You live again! I am sorry that I didn't respond to those past opportunities You laid before me. Please forgive me! Here I am Lord, Please Send Me. In Your Holy Name, Amen."
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