Oct 12, 2011

God is a jealous God!

     I used to feel confused and put off every time I heard someone say, "God is a jealous God." I simply couldn't understand how such a negative feeling could be associated with the loving God I had in mind. Then, a few years ago, I surrendered and dedicated my life to Christ. As a result, I began to read God's Word. I found myself growing in knowledge of Scripture and have come to understand more about our God.

         This morning, as God would have it, I read Jeremiah, chapter 16. I pondered more about the reason God might be a jealous God. I thought, "If we are made in His image and we have feelings, God must have feelings too!"

          I started to reflect on this past week with my husband who returned home to be with his family. I thought about how I have felt.  It had been awhile since we spent more than a weekend together as a family. I pictured that when he returned home, I would have his undivided attention. Yet this week, even though my husband joined us for dinner and some other activities, his heart and mind seemed to be devoted to work or other things. I felt like I had to compete for his attention and even found myself raising my voice over the television and out of frustration.  I must admit, at times, I felt jealous of his job. And I wondered, "Does my husband even know how much I have missed him and have wanted to be with him?"

        Then, this morning, it clicked! "Could this be how God feels when we say we love Him, yet we spend very little with Him?" All those years, I placed my attention on myself, my own desires! Perhaps, this is the reason God is a jealous God. He simply loves us, misses us and wants to be with us!

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