Oct 5, 2011

How God used an old Country Song to strengthen my Marriage

        Last night, my husband surprised my son and me with an unexpected visit. Because my younger son and I still live in our apartment while my husband commutes home on the weekends or as much as possible with his job, a mid-week visit was a heavenly gift. He said, "We finished the job on time, so my boss gave me the night off." Wow!
      My husband reheated left-over spaghetti as our son jumped up and down and fought for his attention. I shared with him the picture of the shadow I saw on the wall earlier in the day. By 8:30 pm my husband was snoring on the couch. 
         This morning as usual, I woke up before anyone else; made my coffee and grabbed my bible. As I finished reading Psalm 105, my husband entered the room and kissed me. After a short embrace, I went to the computer to play a song for him. It was pouring rain outside, and I had recently come across this CD in storage. I thought the song was appropriate for the current weather.  

           From the corner of my eye, I watched as my husband wiped his eyes dry. I remembered that this particular song was released on the radio in 2003, the year we married. I reminded my husband of the day he raced to the base exchange to purchase a copy for me. All I had to say back then was," I love this song."
         He continued to listen intently to the words as they reached his heart. Then, we reflected on how fast the past eight years has gone. LeeRoy and I have seen our ups and downs in this marriage. And, we both know, without a doubt, GOD is the only reason our marriage survived.
         Eight years after he first purchased this song for me, my husband now understands its message. How glorious to see my husband emotionally moved simply by hearing these words.
       Then before he left to his new work site, I read today's blog to him. This time however, we both wiped tears from our eyes. I had realized, he wasn't the only one to comprehend the words fully for the first time!

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