Oct 14, 2011

Instilling Peace/Let Go and Let God!

It didn't take long before my husband's cell phone rang this morning. Unlike usual, we both had slept through the night and woke up feeling refreshed and peaceful. Yet the minute his work phone rang, his facial expression changed. Instantly, I remembered a conversation we had had earlier in the week. God was prodding me to revisit the issue of trust with my husband.

I began by saying,"Honey, I know that I told you to trust God this week, but I forgot to tell you how. Do you want to know how I learned to trust God?" I was amazed, when he leaned in and looked straight at me. Then, I said, "I didn't know how to trust God either! I just started reading a little of the bible everyday. Then, I did what He told me. When God said, 'Stay,' I stayed. When God said, 'Wait on the Lord,' I waited." In my bible, God used all the right words to speak to my heart and my head.

My husband continued to stare right at me. So, I kept talking. "Won't you just try it? Just once, open your bible and let God speak to you. I promise you, you will find peace! No matter what the day brings, you will feel peace just knowing God is in control." My husband walked off to the bedroom without saying a word. A few moments later, I heard the shower running. So, I figured that he had ignored my advice.

Later, my husband and I met up in the bedroom. He surprised me when he said, "I don't get it! I read 1 Kings something or other and I don't understand." I giggled and said, "It took me awhile too! You just have to wait and see what He is trying to tell you and trust that God knows what He is doing."

My husband said, "Now they want me to drive two and a half hours to scan some paperwork, then return home the same day." We began to discuss possibilities for his work day and why God may be orchestrating his unforeseen long drive down South. As he walked out of the apartment, I noticed a calmness in him.

30 minutes into his drive, my husband called home. He was returning to be with his family and work from home. All had been taken care of regarding that early morning work phone call! He didn't have to scan paperwork, drive for hours or even worry about the impulsive decisions from co-workers. God had handled the situation and had taught us both a valuable lesson. If we Let Go and Trust God, we never have to worry!

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