Oct 20, 2011

Once Again I'm Humbled by gift of God's Love

Just before picking up our son from school, I began a conversation with a young man sitting outside my back door. He was attempting to train his small and very cute dog. All of a sudden a woman, I recently made friends with, approached my back porch. She was holding a box that looked quite heavy. As she came nearer, the conversation with the young man abruptly ended. I asked the woman, "How are you? Do you need some help with that box." She replied, "Actually, it's for you!"

As my eyes welled with tears, she told me that it broke her heart when I said, "This week, I had to purchase food using my credit/debit card."  I choked back more tears as I praised God. Then, I shared the story of how I quit my job, gave away the money from my vacation hours and turned down unemployment benefits to show others the Jesus I knew. She said, "Wow!" several times before telling me, "We have more if you need it. I want to help you out the way others helped me."

As she walked away, I reflected on how just moments prior to her gift, I had received a phone call from my Pastor's wife. My Pastor's wife had called to ask if I wanted to attend the women's church retreat scheduled for the upcoming weekend. She said, "One of the ladies who paid to attend is ill and God brought your name to mind. There is no cost to you if you want to go."

Amazing! It was only 2:26pm and I already felt so loved, by my husband, strangers and loved ones. Earlier in the week, I had wondered if today might have been difficult, given the date. Yet, my heart was overflowing with gratitude. I flashed back to the last time I felt this loved and cared for. It was the day I was arrested and charged with a felony, exactly three years ago today.

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