Oct 31, 2011

Where is God on Halloween?

I never thought that I was elevating the devil by participating in the activities of Halloween! In fact, I dressed up each year without thinking about my Halloween costume or the message I was sending to the world. I took the holiday lightly and even nicknamed the day, "Candy Day."

Then, in 2008, the spiritual battle between God and the devil was revealed through my marriage. The experience caused me to take the devil and God more seriously. I began to question, "What does the day, Halloween, really mean?"

As God would have it, this past week, as I sorted through old boxes of keepsakes, I found a picture of a past Halloween. In the picture, I was sixteen-years-old. On that Halloween night, my date and I were going to a College Wide Party at UCSB. That same week, I had participated in choir rehearsal with my church. I planned on singing during mass the following Sunday.

Now, as I sat on the cement floor of our storage unit, starting at the picture,  I wondered, "Where was God on that Halloween night when I wore the costume of a french maid? Surely, He was not in my heart!"  Then, I praised God for His mercy. I thanked Him for His amazing love and the changes He has made in me. I know now, God is Holy and I need to live a life that reflects His holiness. 

So, today I prayed, "Lord, let me glorify YOU today. Please be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide! In Jesus' Name, Amen." Within moments of my prayer there was a knock at the door. Then the phone began to ring. God was giving me plenty of opportunity to choose Him over the devil, Christianity over costumes, the Bible over a bucket of candy and Holiness over Halloween and I was going to take them!

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