Nov 9, 2011

God is still working on me!

     Last week, I prayed, "Lord, please break my heart for what breaks Yours." God responded! But first, He broke my computer. Perhaps, I would spend more time and focus on His work if I didn't have a computer? 
     Immediately, God sent the broken-hearted directly to my doorstep. I found myself, each day, sharing the Gospel as I served each person in a practical way. God sent me a man who was recently released from prison, a helpless mother of a young child, a business owner who had lost hope, a manager of a local coffee house, a waitress of a local restaurant, the manager of a Toyota Dealership, five foster children who were abandoned in a hotel by their mother and an Italian immigrant and her young son who were hungry and begging for food in front of our local CVS store. God was with me, guiding my every word and deed. Still, I couldn't help but feel something was missing.
     Even though I had read His Word in the morning, and was actively about doing my Father's business during the day, I had lost that special devotional time I normally spent with Him before bedtime. Usually, in the morning, I opened my bible and read a chapter. Later, before bed, I read commentary on that chapter to discover its true meaning and to apply it to my day. However, this past week, it felt like I simply read the Word, just to finish. Had I returned to being that social worker I used to be? Perhaps, I was learning how to balance ministry and devotional time with the Lord?
     As I reflected back on the week,  I wondered, "How am I going to fit it all in, reading God's Word, reflecting on God's Word and doing God's Word?" I guess this is one area, that still needs growth.

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