Feb 9, 2012

I Lied Again?

Psalm 119:29 NKJV 
"Remove from me the way of lying."
I thought that my truly repentant heart meant a permanent change from my past lying ways. Prior to October 2008, I told lies, countless lies. The habit started at an early age. As a young child, I omitted some of the truth, embellish facts and exaggerated. This led me to get attention. As an adult, the habit continued. Then, on October 20, 2008, one lie profoundly affected my life. Consequently, I promised to tell the truth forevermore.  However, recently I discovered how easy it was to slide back into my old self-destructive behavior. I lied again!

As a Christmas gift for my husband, I rescued a homeless puppy from the streets. http://dlouyoung.blogspot.com/2011/12/we-adopted-puppy-for-christmas-and-god.html. I still believe God orchestrated that event. However, instead of being forthright about bringing home a second dog, I accepted the second puppy without informing my landlords.

I cared for both dogs in our apartment during the12 days of my husband's Christmas vacation. Later, my husband was abruptly and unexpectedly required to fly to Texas for a work training seminar. Both dogs returned to our home for an additional week.   Perhaps my landlords would have graciously offered permission for both dogs to stay during the short visits. Yet, I chose to hide the truth about the second dog.

We placed potty training pads throughout the apartment. But somehow the dogs chose hidden spots to mark their territory. Then, before returning to his job site, my husband shampooed our carpet with our home carpet steam cleaner. That's when we discovered the soiled stains and the undeniable odor. I was forced to admit the truth!

Soon, guilt overwhelmed me. On my knees and with my face to the floor, I prayed in repentance for God to forgive my lie. I wondered, "Why did I lie?"  Then, for the next three days, I attempted to remove the stains. I used our home steam cleaner, many over the counter pet removal stain products and scrubbed the carpet on my hands and knees until my back ached. All the while, I cried many tears! Finally, I called a professional carpet cleaning company and scheduled a visit. Then, I drove to our landlord's business office. Through even more tears, I confessed my sin to my landlords. They graciously and quickly forgave me.

Later, I prayed, "Lord, You know my heart. I understand now that Your Son's death justified my sins.  Thank you for His death. I am sorry that I continue to sin Lord. Please forgive me!" Soon after, I sat at my computer and conducted an internet search. I typed the word "repentance."  Immediately, an article appeared. http://myfaith.ianoint.com/archives/apologies-and-repentance-in-the-christian-faith/ I could hardly contain my tears while reading the final line.  "After all, one of the most freeing aspects of being a Christian is knowing that we are forgiven for our sins. In other words, apology accepted."

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