Feb 2, 2012

My Upstairs Neighbor accepts Christ into his heart!

My Upstairs Neighbor

He was handsome, appreciative and deeply loving to his toddler-aged son. The young man in his late twenties moved into the apartment upstairs immediately following the suicide of another neighbor.  I took it upon myself to welcome the gentleman and his young son to our small apartment complex. Then, I introduced him to the other neighbors. Initially, our conversations focused on issues related to single parenthood. 
Then one day,  I heard a knock at the front door. When I opened the door, my new upstairs neighbor politely said, “I don’t mean to bother you, but I have a question for you.” I replied, “Sure, ask me anything.”  The young man asked, “What happened to the person who used to live in my apartment?" He continued, "Each time, I stand in the kitchen and begin to wash dishes, the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up.”  
As the Holy Spirit prompted, I spoke about the positive relationship I had with my prior upstairs neighbor. “He was a wonderful man." I said, "He used to stand at the top of the stairs and cheer on my youngest son when he kicked his ball on the front lawn. The man was always pleasant and fun to be around. He was a real sweet man! But inside, he was suffering. He committed suicide. I took his death hard. I was in a Seminary Program the night he took his life. Not once, had I shared with him the hope that I had found in Jesus Christ. Then, suddenly it was too late!”  
My new neighbor simply remained still. Then, after thanking me, he slowly turned and began to walk away. However, as he climbed the stairs, I felt a tug on my heart. "Tell him about me!" So, I walked to the stairs and said, “It’s possible that those upright hairs on your neck are not a negative thing." The young man looked at me with wonder in his eyes. "Maybe God is simply trying to get your attention!”
About a week later, the same young man approached me a second time. He said, “I have a story I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Then, he began to share his beautiful and heartwarming surrender story. He said, “Last week as I drove down Willow Road, the weirdest thing happened. It happened right after you and I spoke. I had been thinking about what you said. 'Maybe God was trying to get my attention.' Suddenly, my hands started violently shaking. I was having a hard time keeping the steering wheel straight. So, I pulled over to the side of the road. I don’t cry often. But I started crying uncontrollably.  I just sat there crying. Then, after a few minutes, I looked up. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had parked my truck directly under a huge white billboard.” I laughed. You mean the one that says, “God loves you?”    

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