Mar 1, 2013

Love your Enemies Because God first Loved You!

Recently, our 8-yr-old began talking back and lying about inconsequential things. I was quite surprised since this behavior is contrary to his normal loving attitude. At one point, I found myself struggling to keep my adult head together. So I sought the counsel of a true believer and dear friend. She quickly reminded me that even our well-behaved children need prayer too! As a result, I spent this past week praying with all my heart for ALL of my children.   

Right away, I could see my son's sweet behavior begin to return. He began talking about God again and remembered what his knees were made for. Soon, the endless "I love you Mommy’s" resumed. He was even willing to take a stand before the entire second grade of his elementary school. During a school assembly, he asked if he could use the microphone to profess God’s love for his peers. As it turns out, he didn’t have to say a word. His behavior had said it all.

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