My husband Accepts Christ into his heart

When I felt Jesus’ presence in jail, I committed my future to God. Later, I listed all of the many ways that I had let Satan rule over my heart. And, I told God I was sorry. Once and for all, I picked the correct team. I picked God. I made a public profession of my faith. My husband followed my lead.

At work, after several attempts, my husband finally accepted an invitation from his supervisor to attend his church. Our sons and I were included as well. I was still cautious around my husband, so I drove my own car and met him at his supervisor’s church.

We sat together and listened while the Pastor spoke about forgiveness. At the end of his sermon, the Pastor asked his wife up to the podium. She addressed the congregation and compelled anyone who was carrying the weight of a heavy burden to lay it down before God. She asked God to forgive those sins. Her words quietly yet firmly reached through to my husband’s heart. He started to stumble and his supervisor and I moved to catch him as he fell. We laid our caring hands on my husband’s broad shoulders as he knelt and sobbed. I felt moved by the sweet sound of his tears.

After church, I followed my husband’s truck to our home. When I arrived, I noticed my husband still sitting in his truck. I walked up to the truck and opened the driver’s door. My husband had both hands gripping the steering wheel and he was weeping as he listened to a song, “Live like you dying,” by Tim McGraw. That day, my husband accepted Christ into his heart. It was a miraculous and joyous moment for me. I was amazed!

For over one year, my husband started attending church each Wednesday night. Through Christ, we began to slowly lay a foundation for our marriage. As we both healed from past pain, our marriage healed too.