What I say as a parent these days, carries a different meaning than those parenting days of my past. Now, rather than give parenting advice based on psychology, I base my advice on what would be pleasing to God. Here is what I say and the meaning behind my words.

  • Make up your bed without my asking- Learn to discipline yourself
  • Be careful- You are precious to me
  • Let's Go-I am in a hurry to do the Lord's will
  • Read your bible-Learn everything you can about God. And, He will talk directly to you through His Word
  • Don't spend all of your money-Always spare some money for tithing and helping someone less fortunate than you
  • It's late-Get some rest so that you can do the Lord's Work tomorrow
  • Pick up your clothes-I would rather be busy about the Lord's work, than doing what you are capable of doing
  • Good job in the Christmas play-I feel proud when you quote the Lord's Word
  • Feed the dog-show mercy and love to others
  • Finish your project-Worship God by using the gifts and talents He gave you to the fullest
  • You are growing so big-I wonder who you will become
  • The Lord should be your priority-Put God first
  • Pray-Don't surrender your peace to anyone. Humble yourself and Pray. God will answer!
  • Keep God's commandments-It hurts to see you experience needless pain
  • I love you-I love you!


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