Oct 17, 2011

Only the Lord could have known I would write a book!

Apologies From a Repentant Christian

I have never thought to myself, "Maybe, I'll be a writer someday!" In all my life, I never heard someone suggest that I should write, not a teacher, professor, parent, no one. Only the Lord could have known that someday, I would pour my heart out on pages of paper.

In my personal testimony, I wrote about my feelings and experience in learning to walk a righteous path by God's side.  I didn't worry how ugly my past would sound, or how embarrassed I would feel to hear someone say, "How could you?" I just typed what came to mind and moved me to tears.

Since the book's release in March, many copies have been distributed. Surprisingly, not once has someone said anything negative about my past failures. Instead, I have heard, "Your words touched my heart!" Amazing! And, hearing Pastors say, "I couldn't put the book down," makes me want to keep telling my story.

Writing allows me to focus on what God is doing in my life. And, I love carving out time to be with Him. When I don't make time to journal what He has done for me, I miss Him.

So, today, I write to thank God for using my hands to pen His words and for helping me to sharing with others His story for my life. Only God could have known how beautiful my story would become.  Thank you Lord! I love you!

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