Oct 4, 2011

How to Repent and surrender your life to God.

Matthew 3:2
"...and saying, 'Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!'(NKJV)"

         Today, when I see a person suffering from emotional pain and hear his or her heartbreaking story, I am reminded of my own journey and the sadness I felt for sinning against God. It wasn't until all hope was gone in my life, that I finally learned how to REPENT! Until then, "repent" was just a word some "other Christians" used. I had no idea how to change my mind, heart or attitude. One night, in desperation, I cried out for Jesus and told Him, "I need You! Show me how to return to You!" Jesus responded and walked me through the process of repentance.
  • First, I began by daily admitting my faults and shortcomings to God. I went all in. For hours on end, I vocally confessed my sins to God. As a result, my heart began to change. Immediately, I regained sensitivity to others again and felt an instant sorrow and regret when I acted ugly. 
  • Next, even in the privacy of my own home, I was careful not to create any more skeletons. When I did act wicked, I took it straight to God and would quickly apologize to His Son, Jesus Christ. In return, the healing feeling of forgiveness took root. 
  • Then, I made the conscious decision to accept the gift of Jesus' sacrifice and left my past failures behind!  I committed to no longer dragging my wounds, sinful behavior and regrets with me through the rest of my life. With tears of joy, I accepted His offer of a fresh start. 
  • To keep my life on track, I threw myself into His Word. 
  • Finally, I refused to purposefully and ignorantly keep sinning!
         I finally comprehend the word "Repent," and why this action is so important. Having decided to leave the sin I loved before, grieved over my past, apologized to God and committed myself to sinning no longer, I now experience peace instead of regret, joy instead of sorrow and hope instead of despair! Praise God!

 If I can repent, anyone can! 

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