Jan 14, 2013

What Happens When a Christian Misses a Church Service

Apologies From a
Repentant Christian
Yesterday, I decided to stay home from church. I was feeling tired and worn down and just wanted to stay in my pajamas.
Right away, something felt wrong. I am not sure why, but I decided to detour from my normal morning routine. Instead of starting my day by reading my bible and spending quiet time with the Lord, I skimmed a few verses of proverbs then began to write in my blog. I was pushing aside meditation and study time with God to write about what I knew about God.
By the end of the morning, I had written two stories. In one story, I confessed the mistakes I was making in leading my husband closer to Christ. In the other, I prayed that God would heal my heart and help me become a better wife.
Just after posting both blog stories, I heard a honk from a neighboring friend’s car horn outside my trailer.  A mother and her son were sitting in their car waiting to take my son with them for an afternoon treat. I went outside for a brief moment to say “Thank you,” to the woman.
Just minutes after they drove away, I reached to open the trailer door. Locked! I was still wearing my pajamas! Embarrassed, I sat in my car and waited for my husband to return home from his round of golf. Now, I was determined to take a shower and get dressed as soon as he returned.

My husband pulled up to our campsite approximately 35 minutes later. When I looked into his eyes, I felt like crying. Yet instead, I yelled at him for taking so long to return home. Then, I went inside and turned on the hot water to the shower. No hot water! I had inadvertently turned off the water heater the night before. Frozen pipe water only! My Goosebumps had Goosebumps. After my chilly shower, I attempted to make dinner for my son.  The French style rolls were not pre-sliced. So, I grabbed for a very sharp serrated knife. Within seconds, I had fiercely sliced my thumb.
Immediately, I began to giggle as I looked up to the heavens. Then, I said under my breath as I smiled, "Okay Lord, I get it. I will never miss going to church again!"
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