Jun 14, 2017

December 19, 2011 Journal Entry. How God led me to write

Precious Savior, the stories of my life have become so incredible that I fear no one will ever believe me. Yet, through Your Word, You repeatedly remind me to write about all the good You have done. Each time my Bible continually falls open to the book of Job and I read, “Oh that my words were now written! Oh that they were printed in a book!”  Job 19:23 KJV  I feel compelled to write. Perhaps no one but me will ever read about the events of my life. Even so, I will have done what I felt You instructed me to do. And, I'll have a record of my journey with You and a reminder of Your constant, unfailing and faithful guidance!
Today, I find myself writing about the events of this past week, that have once again, filled my heart with joy.  It all started one day when our now seven-year-old son, Travis blurted out, "I miss my friend." I knew right away that he was speaking about a teenage foster girl who used to live down the street from us. Each day, the beautiful thirteen-year-old girl walked up the street to our home and brought with her all the squealing excitement of any typical teenager. Within a few visits, she had become family.
For hours, the young girl and my son would sit right next to one another while playing video games and watching television shows. After several visits, we began to anticipate her arrival after school. Each day the same routine. She’d enter our home, offer hugs and kisses, open the refrigerator, get a snack and plop down on the couch, remote in hand. Her laugh was contagious! Travis and I couldn’t help but giggle too!
            Sadly one day, the young girl said she was moving to a new foster home. Troubles had mounted at her current home. Then without notice, she was gone without even a chance to say, “Goodbye.” We had lost a good friend. Months passed since we had seen the sweet young girl. Although I had heard that she moved north. But, I wasn’t told where. So, I prayed her where, hoping that one day, we’d meet again. This week, Travis mentioned how he had grown lonesome for his friend.
Simultaneously, my husband called home to announce his next weekend visit. During our conversation, LeeRoy described a longing of his own. Our rescued Chihuahua, Grace, had been spending long hours alone in our new trailer. The demands of his workload had mounted.  “Perhaps we should consider rescuing another dog as a companion for Grace.” I thought as I began to search online for possibilities. Sticker shock! Maybe this was a bad idea after all.
Unsure of Your will, I said a prayer asking for guidance. “LORD, could You be leading us to adopt another dog?" Soon, my mind occupied with thoughts of bringing another homeless puppy into our lives. I had almost completely forgotten about how my young son’s heart was missing that sweet foster child.
A few more days of searching online and soon I had found a puppy in our price range. When I called the number and spoke with the owner of the dog, I immediately felt at ease. She said, "We provide foster care to dogs. My husband and I work with a program called 'Heaven Help Us.' You can see the dogs we have up for adoption if you want. Our home is easily identifiable by the Nativity Scene on the front lawn. We're believers."  Happily, I made an appointment to choose a puppy.
On the day of the appointment, the woman and I shared a few laughs and some tears as I shared my personal testimony. While we spoke, a gentle small and frail puppy approached my side. I picked her up and cuddled her as I spoke to the woman. By the end of the conversation, I just knew. I didn’t have to choose a puppy. The puppy had chosen me.
            As we said our "Goodbyes,” the woman spoke about their other ministry as foster parents to children. She said, “We currently have one teenage foster child, but she will be leaving soon. She is returning home to live with her grandmother next week." I blurted out, "Is her name…?" Amazed, the woman asked, "How could you have known that?" I told her, "God brought the young girl into our lives too and lately, we’ve really missed her. I know I’ve only been walking with Jesus for a few years now, but He seems to orchestrate incredible moments just like this all the time!"
I couldn’t wait to share all that had happened with Travis.  For a couple of days, we waited in suspense to return to the foster home.  Our sweet joyful friend answered our knock upon the door. She immediately threw open her arms. Tearfully and joyfully, we reconnected with the foster child and received our new puppy. 
“You never cease to amaze me Father God! Your ways are so far above my ways! Thank You for this day! And thank You for the sweet new companion for Grace. Your concern for all of us is a very special gift indeed!
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