Jun 16, 2017

December 25, 2011 Christmas Morning Journal Entry

Happy Birthday, dear LORD! I know that today is not Your real birthday. Yet, I am so glad You came into this world to save us, whatever the actual day was. The events of today have caused me to believe that truly, You are the Prince of Peace.
The carpet made crunching sounds below my husband’s feet as he entered the living room. It was still very early in the morning when I peeled opened my eyes to find our new puppy curled up against my side.  During the wee morning hours, the small and insecure puppy must have followed me to the couch. I pulled our brand new, sweet little dog onto my chest and kissed her forehead. There’s something quite special about a newborn baby animal. My husband approached the two of us, bent down, and gave Bella and me a good morning kiss.  So as not to wake her, LeeRoy whispered, "Was I snoring too loud? When did you leave the bedroom?" I shook my head, smiled and replied, "Don't worry honey. It doesn't matter. Merry Christmas!"
Just then Travis came bursting forth, "Merry Christmas Mommy!"  Then, he leaned over, kissed our puppy and me and said, "Can I open my presents now?" I answered, "Not before we read God's Word." As fast as lightning, he ran to his room for a book called The Story of Christmas, sat down and began to read. I listened to the sweetness of his voice while he read the words of Luke, chapter two verses 1-16. Peace filled my soul. Halfway through the verses, our son stumbled upon the pronunciation of a few words. So, I offered to continue where he left off. At one point, I looked up from the page and glanced over my shoulder at my husband's intent face.  What an amazing gift to see his heart soft and vulnerable. After many years of being closed off, he now seemed opened to the real meaning of Christmas. When I had finished reading, our impatient son ran to his presents while I dragged myself off the couch and went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Right away, I noticed the sound of two doves cooing outside our kitchen window. I smiled as I was quickly reminded me of the presence of Your Holy Spirit.
Soon, the sound of flying wrapping paper balls and laughter filled the air. My heart called me to the living room where all the action was taking place. I snapped a few pictures before excusing myself to spend some quiet alone time with You. Right away, a few scriptures lept off the pages as Your Spirit spoke to my heart. Like a welcome rain after a long drought,  peace had come finally come and settled into our home.

            When I finished,  I returned to the living room where I found a pile of presents created just for me. Wide-eyed, my husband and young son watched as I opened each special gift. The first present was a very fragile small glass vial wrapped in construction paper and black duct tape. A homemade card read, "God loves us." I gently pulled the construction paper away as our son inquisitively asked, "Do you remember what this was Mommy?" I replied, "Yes son, it’s the gold flakes you discovered the day we went gold panning last year." Then, with a very tender voice, Travis said, "I wanted you to have the same gift as Jesus!" Blinking back the tears, I hugged my son tightly. Then, while still choked up, I continued on, opening and relishing each handpicked gift.  Another Bible, some coffee, and a brand new coffee maker! I thought to myself, “LORD, I just want to thank You for this special moment. Through the hearts of my husband and son, I am able to see a glimpse of Your love for me. Thank You, LORD. Thank You for the gift of Your love.”
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