Jun 20, 2017

February 4, 2012 God answers my prayer and makes it snow in Texas

Wonderful, Glorious God, Immediately when I woke up this morning, I glanced at my prayer board. Underneath the puffy cloud shaped “John 3:16,” I noticed my biological dad’s name. I smiled. Another reason to praise Your name.
 As You know, a little under two years ago, You reunited me with the man I called “Dad” as a child. Today, I find myself pondering how rapidly and effortlessly we connected after not having spoken one word to each other for 23 years. And, I am convinced that it was You Who orchestrated that treasured moment.
One day, a thought popped into my head. “Your dad is probably on Facebook.” Then, all I had to do was type his name on the computer screen before I found myself staring at my estranged biological dad’s picture online. The ease of finding him after all the failed attempts throughout the years leaves me feeling baffled.
In that very moment, I reached out to him. Over the computer, I wrote a few lines at best. He immediately responded. Soon, we were on the phone, chit chatting and making up lost time. I was amazed to hear that he had experienced a heart attack just a few months prior. I wonder, “Was I sent to proclaim the Gospel to him?” What perfect timing!
Like all the other hurting souls You had led me to before, my biological dad did not know You. Perhaps that is why You seemed to waste no time in displaying Your power and might.
 I remember one particular moment well. It arose from a light banter email. I had inquired about the weather conditions in my dad’s home state.  I asked, “How are you doing? Any snow?” He replied with a quipping remark, “Snow?  Right now, it’s 88 degrees and sunshine.  The coldest we have had is two days under freezing around 5 AM in the morning.  I think the last time we had any measurable snow was last year, so we are good for another 29 years.” 
I laughed at his sarcasm. Then I thought, “What if I prayed for snow? Surely, then he’d believe in You.”  So, I prayed, “Loving Father and loyal friend, my dad doesn’t seem to know You. Could You please make it snow in his hometown? I do not pray this for my glory, but so that he may come to know You as I have, powerful and mighty to save. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.”
A few days later, I received another email from my biological dad which said, “Well, I guess that He is making His presence known in a way that can't be ignored. The forecast was for a light dusting of snow, but as you can see in the pictures, it’s not that light.  Haven't seen something like this in Texas in the last 20 years, and from what I understand from the weather reports, we are due for more of the same next week.  I realize that I am stubborn about some things, but I don't believe He needed to go to this extreme to make His presence known in my life. In view of what has happened over the last few months, the many changes, our connection, and the uncertain future, I can believe that I cannot do anything alone anymore.”

I began to cry. Could his heart be yielding to You?  My soul responded to the moment causing me to fall to my knees. I bowed to You in humble adoration, and began to weep. “You are a mighty Father! What a glorious God I serve!” I prayed.
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