Aug 10, 2011

Outcome of Unemployment Hearing

The day of the unemployment appeal hearing was fast approaching. It was scheduled for August 4, 2011. I had previously decided not to appear so that I could show my past employer compassion, forgiveness and love. In spite of everything, we were all supposed to be believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Even though our family could have used the extra $1,600.00 a month, the decision to deny the benefits and trust the Lord was the right one. 

Still, unpaid bills were piling up on my writing station. My husband had begun to pay the household bills, but his income was not enough to cover those extra expenses such as dental visits and car registrations that were now due. When neighbors began telling me how worn my car tires looked, I knew we could not afford new tires. So, I stopped driving except locally or when absolutely necessary. My husband started complaining of tooth pain from cavities and my six-year-old was starting the first grade. Our young son desperately in need new school clothes. He had chewed the cuffs of many of his shirts and stained the rest. He had outgrown his slacks and jeans. Where would the money come from?

At the same time, I watched the stack of unpaid expenses grow; friends and family began to tempt me by saying, "Just go to court. The state has already found in your favor. God wants you to have this money!"
I didn’t want to think for just one second, how I could have used the extra income. So, on the morning of the appeal hearing, as I made my morning coffee, I prayed. "Lord, please distract me today, and focus me on Your will."

God immediately responded! Within minutes of my prayer, the phone rang. On the other end of the line was the Co-Founder and Volunteer Executive Director for Soldiers Bible Ministry He was returning my call in order to discuss collaboration in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The reason, I quit my job! I smiled and praised God for the divine distraction.

Then the next day, my made his usual commute home from work to be with his family for the weekend. When I began to explain how God was using me to spread the gospel through Soldiers Bible Ministry, my husband listened intently. With a smile, he said, "So honey, guess what? They gave me a raise at work this week."  I asked him, "Did you request more money?" And he said, "No, my supervisor put in for the raise some time ago. The request was granted yesterday. I'll be getting an extra few dollars and hour." My eyes welled with tears. The day of the hearing, God had given my husband a raise that would allow me to remain solid in my attempt to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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