Sep 30, 2011

Unknown Facts about "Apologies From a Repentant Christian"

Many Christians easily form opinions about the behavior of others. Still, how many believers are willing to admit their embarrassing faults and failures to the world, simply to Glorify God?

In my personal testimony, Apologies From a Repentant Christian, I hold nothing back. You will read how I judged, lied, gossiped and hurt others with my words and how God changed all that!~

Some unknown facts about the book are:
Original Book Cover
  • The Cover Photo was taken by a 16 year-old German Foreign Exchange Student. She attended our church for only a few weeks. The cover photo was supposed to be from a Lutheran Church, but the cross was stolen and burned in front of an African American woman's home. We traveled 50 miles to take the photo at a Church of the Nazarene. The original photo featured me on my knees. But, the majority of friends and family said, "Use one without."
  • The same week my pastor prompted me to write our story,  my next door neighbor revealed that she was an English major and offered to edit the book. Within weeks, I received several unsolicited emails from a publishing company.
  • The book was fully paid for by a refund check from taxes. It was my first refund in 6 years!
  • Around the time of the crisis, my husband was fired. Later, my husband accepted Christ. As a result, God restored his job, 401k and all. He was sent to lead a clean up crew in Florida (gulf coast oil spill) and has been employed ever since!
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