Sep 2, 2011

When Satan Attacks, Pray! God will Handle him!

unemployment letter
When Satan Attacks, what do you do? Do you get depressed, discouraged or smile knowing that if you pray, God will handle him? These days, I pray and smile! It took a huge trial for me to learn to trust God fully, but now that I do, I know that Satan can no longer affect me.

A Perfect Example: 

I decided not to fight against my employer who was taking me to court over an unemployment claim.  Instead, I used the opportunity to show him mercy and to share the Gospel with others.


Sneaky Satan attacked! Knowing that I would not appear in court, my past employer attended the unemployment hearing to win the case. As a result, I received a letter from EDD stating that I owed money to the state because the judge had not found in my favor. Quietly, I prayed against Satan's underhanded attack.


Two weeks later, I received another letter from EDD. Unbelievably, I had been offered a chance to request  a waiver. A waiver??? I didn't know that our economically fallen state would allow such an option. However, the form which accompanied the letter allowed our state to determine if I owed the money. So, I prayed, and smiled while completing the form. God was handling Satan right in front of me!

As if without a care, I used the situation to share the Gospel. This time, I was able to touch the heart of my local postmaster. As I mailed the waiver to EDD, I told my postmaster about the spiritual battle. I left her with the words, "God is real. Just watch what He will do with this situation!"

Then, in today's mail, I received a letter from the state of California. The letter said, "You are not liable to repay this overpayment because it has been determined you meet the waiver criteria established by department regulations!" I sobbed as I thanked God once again for faithfully keeping me under the protection of His wings. Then I took the letter to my local post office and shared it personally with the same post master who again was moved to tears!


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