Oct 30, 2011

Glorify God instead of Satan this Halloween

Just eleven days after being arrested came the holiday, Halloween. I used to love Halloween and participated in all of its activities. My parents, whom my son and I were still staying with, planned on celebrating the holiday.  To my surprise, I suddenly saw Halloween as evil and demonic. I felt convicted to avoid Halloween altogether. Instead, I stayed at a hotel for the night with my son who just turned four years old. However, as I called for hotel reservations, I rethought my decision about not carving pumpkins and allowing my son to dress up. As God would have it, the children were going door to door early that night. The first few children were dressed in frightening masks and scared my youngest son with their costumes. God had confirmed that we were not to celebrate the holiday. I drove away from my mother’s home feeling a sense of relief.

The following year, just before Halloween, I watched a special on the origins of the holiday. By now, I was attempting to walk with Christ each day. As the History Channel spoke about what each activity really stood for, I felt sick to my stomach. Nothing about the holiday seemed to glorify God. I wondered, “How can I worship the Lord and still participate in these activities?”

I decided to create a new tradition. I lit the window of our living room with Christmas lights in the shape of a cross. Then I took my youngest son to see a movie. I hadn’t planned what movie we would see. I figured we would watch whatever “G” rated movie was playing. That week, there was only one movie that fit this category. It was called, “Secretariat.” There in that empty movie theater, I watched a movie about an impossible true story.  And, while my young son slept on my lap, my eyes welled with tears. God had orchestrated the perfect occasion to worship Him. I sang along as the main character, a horse, danced to the song, “Oh Happy Day!” Later, I realized, God had whispered, "Go" in my ear too! And, I have been off and running ever since!

Join my this year by lighting a cross in your window! 
Perhaps together we can reveal God's true light!

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