Nov 2, 2011

Halloween Night. God verses the devil.

On November 1, 2011, I started to reflect on the second time I avoided celebrating the holiday Halloween. Even though, I had thought I was using the day to demonstrate my love and obedience to God, something much more remarkable happened. God used the day to demonstrate His mercy towards me and my youngest son and to teach my son about how the devil is glorified through the holiday Halloween.

First, I tried to decorate my living room window with small white lights in the shape of a cross. But one light broke. As a result, the whole string stopped working. Determined to create a cross, I went to CVS to purchase new lights. I smiled when my youngest son was not phased by the lady at the register wearing a Jack-O-Lantern Costume.

I didn't feel like cooking so we headed off to Carl's Jr. for a burger. My son insisted that we go inside to purchase our food, rather than using the drive-through like we normally do. Inside, the woman at the register quickly brought up God's name. She spoke about how God gave her another child, even after she had her tubes tide. Again, I smiled! I shared my testimony with her. Then she shared hers too.

While we ate our food, two teenage boys entered the restaurant. I thought, "What do I say to them, if I can't say, "Happy Halloween?" But after only a few words, my heart felt at ease when I heard them say, "We don't celebrate Halloween." Then, each proceeded to tell me about how they are Christians. Unbelievable!

A little later, I took my son to the Game Stop to buy a used cartridge for his Dsi. While the young man rang up our total at the counter, I told him our story and why we don't celebrate Halloween anymore. He replied, "Wow, that's really motivating."

Then, on the way home, as we drove by a church, I asked my son, "Do you feel that you are missing out on something by not participating in Halloween activities?" He responded, "I don't know, maybe." Given his response, I drove down one of the streets in our neighborhood. The street was filled with orange, purple and black lights and there were children hustling around in costumes. As we turned the corner, I instructed my son, "Roll down your window, look, listen and tell me what you see."

Suddenly, the sound of a chainsaw filled the air along with screams from young children. While the surrounding adults laughed, those young children ran as fast as they could past our slow moving car. Their faces were filled with horror. My son loudly proclaimed, "NO, I AM NOT MISSING ANYTHING! Let's, go home!"

We were home in a flash. As we got out of the car, I asked my son, "What did you see?" He said, "The devil!" I wasn't sure if he actually saw the devil that night. But what I felt certain of, was that my young son saw evil being portrayed as "fun."

We returned home to play board games and watch old Veggie tales cartoons. I could see the feeling of relief return in my young son's eyes. Then, as I put him to bed, I took the time to notice that cross in the window. And under my breath, I said, "This day was for You God. I love you!"

The next day, when I turned on the local news, God revealed even more. The top stories were about how two young boys were robbed the night prior. Someone had held a gun to their heads. In another top story, some young children were hit by a car and were in the hospital recovering. I quickly turned off the news. It was then, that I knew the only thing we missed on October 31, 2011 was participating in glorifying the devil and for that, I praise God!

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