Nov 5, 2011

Growing faith in a local coffee house

Isaiah 44:3 "For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, And floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, And My blessing on your offspring;" (NKJV)


One day God provided another opportunity for me to share the hope I found in Jesus Christ with the manager of a coffee house.
One morning, when I turned my computer on, I noticed that the desktop screen only displayed a bright blue color. My computer was suddenly broken and I was locked out! Several weeks prior, I had stayed awake into the early morning hours, laboring over a social media event. Now, the big event was only days way. I began to worry that I might miss a day of social media interaction. How would others know about the event, if I didn’t solicit that event over the computer? I began to weigh my options.
First, I thought about using the library computer. However, I still had many hours to wait before our small town local library opened. I decided to catch up on some overdue bible study time until the library opened. Restless, I scooped up my bible and headed over to the local coffee house to sip a cup of coffee and meditate on God’s Word. 
That day, in the coffee house, there was an incredibly long line of customers waiting to order a drink.  The baristas were on overdrive and frantically attempting to assist all the customers. I was surprised when the store manager personally called out to me. “Have we taken your order, or are you here to see me?" She yelled over the crowd. I blushed with embarrassment. Then, I replied, "No, I am just here for an Eggnog latte and to catch up on some reading."
Then, when I received my drink, I sat down at a lonely table in the far end of the coffee house. Almost immediately, the manager strolled over to the area nearby. She began to clean a small coffee condiment stand. As God would have it, I simultaneously glanced at the last copy I owned of my personal testimony, the book God led me to write the year prior. I had unintentionally brought the book with me. Now, as I felt those all too familiar goose bumps rise up on both my arms, I was certain I was to share my story with this coffee house manger. So, I went over to the woman who was still standing a few feet away, and began to share my testimony. Unbelievable! She was a believer who had also come to accept Christ after becoming the victim of domestic violence. She said, “I only recovered from my past wounds through the Lord's help.” Then, the sweet mannered woman leaned into me and said, "At the risk of losing my job, I am going to share this book with every member of our staff at our next company meeting."
I gently laid my hand her arm, smiled and then slowly walked away. That day, when I left the coffee house, I found myself saying a little prayer. “Lord, I am only just beginning to understand Your ways. I am so humbled that You would use me to reach the heart of another. Thank You Lord for the tug on my heart and the priceless opportunity to see Your divine intervention in another person's life.”

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