Nov 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Day this year is Devoted to Praising God!

"Rejoice in the LORD, ye righteous; 
and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness." (Psalm 97:12)

This year, I have given up on the idea of having a traditional Thanksgiving Day celebration! I am not hosting a big dinner, enticing my 23, 22, 17-year-old children to come home, or attempting to travel to my parents home to join their celebration. Instead, for the first time, my husband and I have decided to take a break on the world's expectations and use this day to focus on praising God!

It all started when the thought of a traditional holiday first crossed my mind and a feeling of heaviness overtook my soul. I didn't have money this year to afford the cost of dinner. Further, I knew many of my neighbors would use the occasion to "drop by." And, my energy level was already running low. So, when my husband and I began to fight over our separation in miles, I through my hands up and said, "That's it! No Thanksgiving Day celebration this year."

Soon after, my husband and I prayed together and for each other. We realized that being together was more important than what the world expected we should do. We decided to compromise. I would make the drive down south with our youngest son and join my husband for a week's vacation at the KOA. In turn, my husband would arrange for us to have dinner together for Thanksgiving Day. The rest of the week, we would rest and enjoy each others' company with no hoops to jump through, no fake smiling for family members and no dressing up. We decided to use our extra time to praise God for all that He has done for our marriage and our family.

Once we made this decision, God started to show off and reveal the plans He had laid before us. First, my husband learned that the KOA is hosting a complete Thanksgiving day meal. As short-term residents, we were cordially invited to join in on the festivities. I immediately smiled and praised God! We would still be having turkey dinner, only now, no one had to cook, clean up or referee the usual fighting between adult children.

Next, God relocated my husband's campsite. Now, our 5th wheel would sit directly next to a free swimming pool and jacuzzi. With each call home, my husband provided another opportunity to praise God and see the work the Lord was doing to create a holiday to remember.

As a result, I have begun celebrating Thanksgiving Day early this year by introducing a new tradition of praising God and rejoicing over His love for me. I can't wait to see what God has planned for next year!

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