Dec 31, 2011

I prayed, "Please God use my life to bring others to You!"

One night in October 2008, I prayed, "Please God, use my life to bring others to You." God responded!

It has been three years since I prayed that prayer. I still haven't traveled to distant lands to participate in a short-term mission trip. Yet, God has certainly used my testimony to reach out to others. How could I ever have imagined that I my life story would touch the hearts of those in Countries across the world without my ever having to leave home?

2,497 people in the United States

244 people in Russia
68 people in Sweden

54 people in Japan

44 people in the United Kingdom

40 people in Germany

35 people in Romania

22 people in Malaysia

19 people in the Netherlands

and 18 people in Canada.

When I attempt to absorb the fact that others are walking along side me while I follow Christ, I am left feeling overwhelmed. Three years ago, no one would have followed me on any journey. However today, there are thousands. Unbelievable! I must admit, this can only be due to the work of the Holy Spirit!

I am certain, that the numbers above are all that our Good Lord has chosen to reveal to me at this time. I wonder what else I have yet to discover. Praise God!

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