Dec 6, 2011

A Soldier's Christmas Prayer


As Christmas Day approaches and you begin to feel alone,
know that a stranger is praying for you back home.

I thought about sending a cell phone 
and writing you a card,

but knowing just what to say
would have been much too hard. 

  I may not know your name
Still, I know my prayers are heard. 
I'll use the bible to guide my heart, my thoughts, my every word. 

I pray for peace, your safe return and of course God's mercy too.
I'll ask God to bring you close, I'll pray this prayer for you.


  "Be near our men Lord Jesus, I'm asking You to stay, 
Close by them forever and love them I pray!
Bless all our Dear Soldiers, while there far away, 
not only at Christmas but EVERYDAY!"

Merry Christmas and Thank you for your Sacrifice!
~Donna L. Young~
(Military Granddaughter, Daughter and Wife)

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