Jan 4, 2012

Our young son gave away his last dollar. Then God blessed him in return!

It was right before Christmas when our youngest son started counting his money. He said, "Mommy, I finally have $25.00. I have enough for the Power Ranger Wolf Morpher right?" For months, our son had been saving his allowance to purchase this particular toy. However, what he didn't know was that his father and I had already purchased the toy as a Christmas gift. Over a week prior, I had carefully wrapped and hidden the toy under our Christmas tree. 
As I watched our 7-yr-old spread out his dollar bills across the kitchen table, I couldn't help but think of God's glorious timing! Earlier in the week, I had promised our church Pastor that I would locate the homeless men and families in our town and inform them of a local food basket Christmas event. So, while our son was making plans to spend every dollar, I was planning how I would incorporate the message of giving to the poor.

Later, he and I climbed into our car and began to drive down the beaten path of our town. As I drove, I shared the story of the poor widow's offering http://www.jesuswalk.com/lessons/20_45-21_4.htm. Next, I began to teach my son what Scripture says about God blessing those who give to the poor and about his warning to those who don't. Luke 14:12-14 and Proverbs 28:27.  My son was unusually quiet, and I wondered if he was even listening. So, I asked, "Son, how do I treat the poor?" I choked up and began to cry, when he replied, "You give all your money away." Not only was he listening, but he had been watching me all along!  I looked up towards Heaven and under my breath, I thanked the Lord.  I said that's right Son, "We do it because the Good Lord would want us to! And, there's joy in helping the poor say 'I am rich because of what the Lord has done for me!' " 

Then, at that very moment, our car approached a homeless man we know well. My son screamed, "Stop Mom!" So, I abruptly pulled the car to the shoulder of the road. My son ran up to the man we call "Woody,"  pulled out a ten dollar bill and two one dollar bills from his wallet. He handed the money to the homeless man. Woody lost his composure. And, it took both of us a moment to wipe the tears flowing from our eyes. 

Just then, another homeless man approached where we stood. My eyes lit up when I  noticed that the man was wearing the old Navy Seabee T-Shirt I had given him a month or two ago. The man and I greeted each other with a hug as my son waited patiently below. When, as we pulled away from each other, the man and I noticed that my son was holding another $12.00. He generously handed the money to the second homeless man. All of us praised God for my young son's heart. Then, after telling the men about the soup kitchen, my son and I slowly drove away. He said, "Mommy, I only have one dollar left." I asked him, "But how do you feel?" My son replied, "Really Good!"

Next, we drove to the local McDonald's parking lot. I was hoping to find yet another homeless man I know. However, when I pulled into the parking lot, the man was no where to be found. Instead, I saw a parked car with an open trunk and two people sitting on the curb. I approached the couple and asked, "Are you guys hungry?" The woman replied, "You are not going to believe this, but I was just thinking, 'I wonder if there is a place like the Salvation Army around here? We are from out of state. We lost our jobs and we're hungry.' " Amazing!

I began to share my personal testimony with couple. I told her, "I too went through a trial not so long ago. But I surrendered the situation to God and He brought me out of it."  Later, as I provided directions to the soup kitchen, my son exited the car. He approached the woman and softly said, "Here you go," as he handed her his last dollar bill. The woman looked at my son with tears in her eyes, as we hugged the couple and slowly walked away.  

The day before Christmas Eve, my young son receive a Christmas card. Excited, he tore open the envelop. Inside was a Christmas card with a check for $20.00. My son looked at me and smiled. I said, "I wonder if God will give you the exact amount back." Then, on Christmas Eve, our family drove to my parents' home to share in the holiday festivities. Under their Christmas tree was an aluminum container with my son's name written on it. When my son opened the container holding five one dollar bills, he screamed, "Thank you Jesus!" God had returned all of his money to him. 

Imagine his reaction on Christmas morning, when our son opened his Mighty Morphan Power Ranger toy. With joy overflowing, he exclaimed, "God gave me back my $25.00 and I got my Wolf Morpher! Praise God! Thank You Jesus!"

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