Feb 13, 2012

My Love Letter to God for Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012

Holy and Forgiving Father,

I may not know everything about You, but I am trying to learn. I am becoming familiar with Your ways. Thank You for creating me in Your image. Thank You for writing my name in Your book. I am sorry that I misrepresented You because I didn’t know You. I know now, You are the complete expression of love and it is my only desire to worship You. Thank You for every gift You have provided to me from Your own hand. I know now You will meet all of my needs and Your plan for my future is filled with hope. I stand in awe of Your countless thoughts toward me. I think of You continuously too! I praise You with singing.

Thank You for calling me Your treasured child. With all my heart and all my soul, I desire to establish a relationship with Your only Son, Jesus Christ. I want to make You proud. I adore You with all my heart and have found delight in You. You have done more for me than I could possibly imagine and have been my greatest encourager. You have comforted me in all my troubles. When I was brokenhearted, You drew me near. You dried the tears from my eyes and healed my pain.
Holy Bible
Thank you Father for loving me as You love Your Son, Jesus. Thank You for not counting my sins. I would give up everything as I return Your love. I have received the gift of Your son Jesus- nothing will ever separate me from Your love again. I wait in joyful hope of going home to You. I love you God!


Your daughter, Donna

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