May 2, 2012

Why Mother Mary on Mother's Day?

Mother Mary

How did the religious tradition of "Mothering Day," 
become a secular holiday called "Mother's Day?


          In 1908, a woman named Anna Jarvis set in motion her mother's desire to create a day that celebrated the purity of a mother's love. With the help of a wealthy merchant and President Woodrow Wilson, her desire became a reality six years later.
          Over the years, however, the holiday transformed into a commercial day of spending. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation 2010 Mother's Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, "Mother's Day," has become one of the most commercially successful days for flowers, restaurants and jewelry owners.
However, today's version of Mother's Day is far from the original holy tradition, which began in 15th century Europe. Centuries ago, Christian followers were known to come together on "Mothering Day," to pay reverence to Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and the birth of Jesus Christ. Sadly, when this tradition was lost, so was the ability to learn about God through Mary, the Mother of God.
           Still, I have recently learned much about my Savior from observing the life of Jesus' earthly mother. Such as...
  • God will use me if I am a humble servant trying to do His will (Lk 1:38). Mary came from a very humble upbringing and God called upon her to carry His only Son.
  • I can rejoice in the Lord during times of uncertainty (Lk 1:46-55). When Mary was told she would carry the Son of God, she prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and rejoiced in the Lord.
  • God wants me to put Him above all else, even my own safety (Matthew 1:19). Mary believed Joseph wanted to put her away secretly; she even risked being stoned to death. But God revealed to Joseph His plan, then kept both of them and their unborn child under His protection.
  • God will protect me from harm while I do His will (Matthew 1:20-24, 2:13-15) And,
  • When I feel compassion for Mary's trials, I feel a deeper spiritual relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Happy Mother's Day! 

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