Jul 14, 2012

Am I doing Your will Lord God?

       Before our last day in our beloved town, I shared my heart's intentions with my 7-year-old son. I said, "If the Lord places doves outside our new home, then I will know that moving to a new town was His will." On the first day in our new location, I woke in the morning to the sound of many small chirping birds. No doves. Still, my first thought was about God and how I could admire and bless Him tthroughout my day. I prayed, "Lord Jesus, even though there are no doves, I still feel Your presence!" Then last night, I placed earplugs in my ears to muffle the sound of my husband's thunderous snore, our home's air conditioner, freeway noises and other sounds of the night. I simply couldn't sleep through so much noise. I fell asleep to utter silence! When I woke in the morning, an amazing thing happened. I could hear one sound coming through those small spongy earplugs. Cooing doves had perched themselves outside my bedroom window. I shook my husband in excitement! "Can you hear that?"  I loudly asked my husband. He simply replied, "Doves!" In God's infinite power, I hadn't heard any of the other usual morning sounds. The only sound I had heard was that beautiful reminder from my Almighty God, confirming  that I was doing His will!
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