Aug 5, 2012

It's a God night!

Calvary Chapel Oxnard VBS 2012
While waiting for the closing ceremonies of our 7-yr-old's vacation bible school (VBS) to begin, my husband and I made plans for some alone time together after the event. Although we were sitting right next to each other, I sent a text message to his cell phone. "LeeRoy, I love you." He replied, "Love you more." Then he sent another text, "What do you want to do later? Dinner, movie?" I turned to ...
him and smiled.

Before I could reply to his messages, he sent yet another text. "As long as we are together, it is a god night." As my heart warmed, I began to giggle. I knew that if he read his text message, my husband would probably think, "Oops, I meant to write "good night." Still, I knew deep down that God had helped my husband write that text message and He was right, as long as we are together, it is a GOD night!

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