Jul 26, 2012

I'll Rest When I get to Heaven. Right now, I am busy doing my Father's work!

The great temptations which thine eyes saw, and the signs, and the wonders, and the mighty hand, and the stretched out arm, whereby the LORD thy God brought thee out: so shall the LORD thy God do unto all the people of whom thou art afraid. — Deuteronomy 7:19 (KJV)

     Our first few weeks in our new location and new home were certainly trying! And learning to live in such a confined space took some getting used to. Outside temperatures soared up over 100 degrees.  Then suddenly, our trailer was inundated with ants. The pestilence continued for days as the small insects even took over improbable places such as the inside of our refrigerator. At one point, ants covered our food and caused our green grapes to look as though they had freckles. 
      Next, we began to hear warnings of baby rattle snakes. Two rattlers had slithered their way into our camp ground. One was killed only two camp sites away from ours.  Still, hiding out in our trailer was not an option.  Our air conditioning simply couldn't keep up with the rising outside temperature and the smell of Raid Ant Killer was too much for our lungs to process. I could feel my temper rise as the thought, "What have I done," continued to flash in my head.
     Right on cue, our youngest son began losing his normal spiritually uplifting character. Now,  I was having to discipline him often Soon, our laundry piled up. So, despite the heat, I needed to visit the park facility laundry mat. Beads of sweat dripped from my face onto our clean clothes, as I folded each item in the overheated facility.  Frustration mounting!  Afterward, I returned to our trailer and began to put stacks of clothes away. That's when I found a new bottle of hidden prescription medication.  Unbelievable!  I threw up my hands, hung my head and began to weep. Lord, after all that we have been through, could this be Your will? http://dlouyoung.blogspot.com/p/official-book-launch.html#!/p/official-book-launch.html  
    Right away, I called my husband at work and unloaded my feelings. "It's hot, there are ants everywhere, rattle snakes and now this? We need to get help!" Have you considered attending the 12 step meeting I spoke to you about?" He remained silent. Earlier in the week, I had researched on line and found a local  Celebrate Recovery http://www.celebraterecovery.com/  meeting that offered inexpensive childcare. Once and for all, I wanted my husband to make a decision about getting help.   Before we ended the call, my husband agreed to go to the next scheduled meeting. Hope began to rise!
     During the next few days,  I asked friends and family members to pray for our marriage. I prayed too. “Please God, convict a believer's heart at this meeting to reach out to my husband.”
      Meanwhile, I remained busy about my Father's work. Each time, the Holy Spirit prompted me to reach out to someone, I responded. As a result, the week flew by. Finally, it was Friday! My heart filled with hope. "Perhaps, I too will receive the loving support I need to lead my husband to fully surrender." I thought.
     Amazingly, by mid-day Friday, my husband had contacted me three times.  "Looking forward to tonight." He said. Wow! After nine years of dealing with his addiction, I could barely comprehend his willingness and excitement. I told our young son, “God bless Daddy for his desire to attend this meeting tonight. Now, I can't wait to go. Thank You Jesus!"
     Then an hour before the meeting was scheduled to begin, my soul began to feel restless.  So, I drove our youngest son to my husband’s job site.  At the time, it seemed silly to drive the extra 40 minutes simply to meet my husband and caravan back home together.  However, when I saw the expression on his face, it made perfect sense. He was excited too!
     We arrived early to the meeting location. No cars! I thought, “Maybe I read the information wrong on the computer.” So, I called the number that I had written onto a torn piece of legal pad paper.  Voicemail!  "If you are calling after hours, please call Pastor Jim at..." The voice on the message said. Quickly, I called the Pastor's number. No answer. So, I left a message. Meanwhile my husband attempted to search the church website, using his cell phone’s Internet page, for more information. Unbelievably, my husband was able to search any other website except this church's website.  Instantly, I felt myself becoming angry at Satan. "Was the devil trying to hinder our family from obtaining God's help?" I wondered. Then, I started to pray, “Please God give me the confidence to withstand the devil’s schemes. Thank you for your Spirit who helps even now by interceding for me as I pray. In Jesus' name. Amen.”
    Yet, after 25 minutes of waiting and not having received a response from the Pastor, we decided to leave. On the drive home, I explained to my husband how disappointed I felt about missing the meeting. Yet at the same time, I felt an inexplicable feeling. I felt joy! “How could this be?” I wondered.
    When, we arrived home my husband offered to take our young son swimming in the community pool. I asked if I could stay in the trailer and be alone for awhile.  He obliged.  Then, with my head resting against our living room rocking chair, I began to pray, "Lord, thank You for moments like these when You teach me to rely on You. In Your precious Son's name, Amen."
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