Sep 12, 2012

Praying for those still suffering from the attacks of 9/11!

Yesterday was my youngest son’s first day of second grade. We were both so excited! We arrived at the school early. The office was bustling with teachers coming and going. My son and I took our seats and patiently waited for someone to walk us to his new classroom.
After several minutes of looking around the office at calendars, dates and sayings, my son turned to me and whispered, “Mom today is September 11.”  Immediately, I flashed back to a moment in time eleven years removed. I could still picture the very instant I watched a commercial airline crash into the World Trade Center. For a second, I sat motionless in that cold office chair while I recalled that horrible day.
Then suddenly, we were approached by our son’s new second grade teacher. As the three of us walked together to my son’s second grade classroom, my mind instantly returned to the excitement of the current moment. After a tour of the room and a quick kiss goodbye, it was time for me to leave. My son was in good hands and I had the Lord’s work to do.
During the drive home, I started to consider those solemn emotions I had felt earlier.  As God would have it, I instantly recalled a special that I had watched on television a few days prior. The program featured firemen who had worked at ground zero that awful day, eleven years ago.  At first, the fireman simply described the events of that inconceivable day.  However, later on a few firemen shared how they were still suffering emotionally. How could this be? I wondered. I thought about the darkest hour of my life and how I had ran to God for protection. I thought about how God had healed my broken heart. I began to pray, “Please Lord use me to bring healing to these wounded men.”
In that very instant, I looked up from the road and noticed a local fire station. I pulled over and parked my car. A fireman happened to be standing in between two large fire trucks just outside the station. I approached the man and introduced myself. “I just want to thank you for your service.” I said. “If it would be okay, I would even like to offer your station a home cooked meal.” The sweet man replied, “I am not sure how to respond, but our fire chief is right inside. Let’s ask him.” Unexpectedly, the fireman led me inside the station where several other firemen sat waiting for their morning meeting. I felt taken aback. I said, “Good morning.” Then, I asked if the men would allow me to cook for a meal for them.  With gigantic-sized smiles on their faces, they politely refused. "Well, I will pray for you instead." I replied. Then, I turned to leave. The fireman who had led me inside the break room, walked me back outside towards my car. While we walked, he bowed his head and humbly said, “Thank you. We sure could use the prayers!”
Later, I returned home. I sat at our small intimate kitchen table. I bowed my head and began to pray. “Lord, please be with any fireman still suffering from the aftermath of 9/11.”  Instantly, God spoke to my heart. “Do you remember how My Word comforted you during your deepest hour of need?” God questioned. I nodded my head as if to say, “Of course I do Lord.” I knew right away, what God had planned.  Consequently, I drove to a local bible store. There, God spoke to my heart a second time. "Purchase two bibles. Buy one for the San Francisco Fire Station you saw featured on the news and one for the station I led you to visit today." My eyes welled with tears as I considered the hope, peace and rest that I had found in the gift I was about to offer.

I waited for the bible store associate to personalize the bibles with station names and numbers. Then, I raced to the local post office and mailed the bible God meant for the far-off fire station. “I’ll wait for my son to finish his day at school before I offer the second bible to the local fire station.” I thought.
Later, I picked my son up from school and with him, I returned to that local fire station. The doors were closed and locked. “Perhaps no one is here,” I thought. We knocked on the door, as I handed my son the gift bag. Suddenly, two fire trucks returned. Next, a fire chief answered the door where we stood.  My son proudly offered the gift bag to the fire chief. We waved goodbye to the firemen still in their trucks. Then, we left the station before anyone could open the bag.
As we walked to our car, I told my son what was in the bag. Knowing how much my bible means to me, my young son tightly grabbed my hand, looked up at me and smiled a great big smile!


I said a Prayer for you today;
I know that our Lord heard.
And asked that he would bless you,
As He promised in his Word.
I didn’t ask for wealth or glory,
I knew you'd understand.
I asked for God to send you joy,
and lend a helping hand.

I asked that He surround you,
With his love and constant care,
To give you health and bless you,
With friends who will be there.

I prayed for comfort for you,
For peace of mind, and then,
I asked that He remind you,
I'll pray for you again.

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