Mar 20, 2013

"You talk about God too much!"

About a year after my arrest, I was studying one night and heard a loud noise upstairs. The man who lived upstairs was very pleasant and we exchanged greetings each day. He was very kind to my young son and often watched him kick the ball in the front yard area. I didn’t respond to the noise upstairs that night, because I had grown used to noises heard through the thin walls of the apartment. The next day, I was completely shocked to learn that my upstairs neighbor committed suicide. I mourned that I hadn’t spoken to this neighbor about hope through Christ. I was a Seminarian and was too afraid of feeling rejected to bring up Jesus Christ in conversations with others. I blamed myself for not being an instrument of hope to this man.

Around the same time, a homeless woman in our town was suddenly hit and killed by a car while crossing the freeway one night. My youngest son and I had become close to her. Again, I mourned for how little I spoke about God to this woman prior to her death. I promised myself to bring up God in every future conversation. It has been several years since I made that promise and I have kept my word.
Today, I learned during a conversation with a friend that others have been gossiping about me. What were they saying? “I talk about God too much, speaking about God in every conversation; all the time.” Immediately, I thought, "What an uplifting and encouraging compliment!"
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