Sep 30, 2013

Maybe-Angels-in-Heaven-are-Real-After all

I was invited to attend the annual ladies tea at church. Right away, I began to talk myself out of attending. "I've never been to anything like this before," I thought to myself. "What will I wear? Who will watch Travis?"

Then after service one Sunday, I decided to take a flyer advertising the event along with one of the suggested recipes. A few weeks passed. Finally, I made arrangements with my mother to provide childcare for my youngest son.

On the day before the Ladies Tea, I drove around town collecting ingredients for the Moroccan Carrot Salad I had signed up to bring. I followed the recipe exactly as described. But, the smell of garlic that filled our trailer so overwhelming; I began to doubt myself again. Still, I felt a strong urge to attend the Tea. "Perhaps I can leave the carrot salad behind." I thought. "I'll just tell them, it didn't turn out." But that small voice within was telling me to bring the salad along.

I humbly walked inside the church placed my carrot salad on the table and took my seat. Right away, I began to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Even from across the room, I could smell that pungent odor of garlic filling the air from my salad. I thought to myself, "Perhaps I can sneak it back outside before the smell completely fills the air."

Time to eat. As God would have it, my dish was the most popular. The woman who God had placed next to me commented, "Mmmm, I love garlic. I would have even added a little more." I smiled as I quietly thanked God in my heart.

Then, suddenly, the most incredible thing happened. The woman sitting across from me began to share her heart. When she had finished speaking, I asked, "Where do you attend church?" Amazingly, she named the same church that the woman I met in jail the night I got saved said she also attended. So, I shared my personal testimony with her. Then, I said, " The woman who told me not to cry that night in jail, because God was with me, also attended the 2nd Baptist church in Paso Robles. She called herself "T." I said. The woman sitting across from me then replied, "Well, it's a small church and everyone knows everyone. But, I have never met a woman named "T" who attends our church.

For a few minutes, we both sat in silence. Were we both wondering if we had attended our first Ladies Tea, simply to discover more about the woman who called herself "T." Then suddenly with thunderous excitement, the woman began calling many of her church friends to inquire about the mysterious woman named "T." Not one reply!

We both left the church building that day wondering if perhaps the woman who called herself "T" was more than she seemed.
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