Sep 25, 2013

Jesus Donated His Blood to Save my Life. Therefore, I will Donate my Blood to Save Another's

Last week I received a voice message from my son’s elementary school. The upbeat voice on the message said, “Don’t forget to come out and donate blood at the Northlake Hills MPR next week!” My heart immediately responded. So, I tucked the date away in the back of my mind.

Later on, I received a second call from the school. I knew I wanted to donate blood, but the person on the voicemail neglected to leave a phone number or address for the location of the donation site. Being new to the area, I wasn’t sure what the “Northlake Hills MPR” was. Therefore, I made a special trip into my son’s elementary school office to inquire about the address.  Unfortunately, the office manager could only offer vague driving directions. Still, I knew God would lead me to where I needed to be. So, I headed off to donate blood. For the first fifteen minutes, I searched for the donation site on my own. No avail. So, I decided pull over and pray on the shoulder of the road. Right away, God answered.
Minutes after I resumed driving, I looked up and immediately noticed a sign in the shape of an arrow with a cross on it that read, “Blood donation.” I continue to follow God’s signs until I reached my destination. I even had laugh when I noticed the white cross up on the hill overlooking the school.

Once inside the donation building, I was greeted very quickly. I was asked to read a booklet outlining how to donate blood. Then, I met with a blood donation counselor who tested my blood for its iron level. I was caught off guard by her positive response to the level of iron in my blood. “Wow!” The woman said as she read the results. “You tested at 17.1! Women are usually around a 12. You tested at a man’s level. What are you eating?” She asked. “Umm… I don’t know. Is that good?” I softly replied.

Next, it was time to donate blood. Like so many times before, I knew God had placed me in this moment for a specific reason. I was to share my testimony with whoever drew my blood. So, right to work I went. The young man was all ears as I shared with him my love for Jesus Christ and how rewarding it is to allow Christ to work through me. By the time I finished sharing, my donation was complete.
Afterward, the same man provided instructions for my homecare. “No heavy lifting, no exercise, get some rest.” He said. Then he asked, “Do you feel faint at all?” I replied. “No. I’m fine. Maybe it is because I tested at a level of 17 whatever that means.”  The man’s eyes grew very large as he repeated, “17? Wow, that’s a man’s level!” I shook my head from side to side as I wondered, “What is all the fuss about that number?”

Then as I slowly started to walk out of the building, suddenly it hit me! Of course I tested at a level of a man. Who did they think was inside of me while I shared my love for God?
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