Jun 11, 2013

God's With You

I wondered how God might use me in reaching the heart of another today. I decided to take my youngest son and his friend to the pool. Within minutes of entering the pool, we heard a loud crash at the entrance of the park. A woman standing in the pool next to me began to scream, "He him them... He hit them!" Then a few minutes later, we learned that a truck driver had struck a lunch meal truck as it left the trailer park and that a woman had tragically lost her life in the accident.
For over an hour, I listened as spectators commented about the coroner's car, the traffic build up on the highway and the highway patrol car that circled around the pool parking lot where we swam. Surprisingly, I remained still and quietly prayed.

Then, finally I felt an urge to approach the scene of the accident. I felt a need to tell the truck driver that "God was with him." Perhaps, God knew that the man simply needed to hear that no matter how deep his personal gloom seemed at the moment, God had a plan. So, I asked my young son to remain in the park office while I walked up to the scene of the accident. By now, the coroner had come and gone. All that remained was the truck driver and several highway patrol officers. I immediately walked up to the first Highway Patrol car in my path and explained my intentions. The officer sweetly offered to approach the driver on my behalf to ask if he wanted prayer. While I waited for the officer to return, I looked down in the dirt below. Right away, I noticed a smashed up match box toy car. I picked the toy car up and gripped it tight in the palm of my hand while I prayed for the truck driver and the family of the woman who passed away. Soon the officer returned. "The man is feeling numb." The officer said. I shared my personal testimony with the officer and said, "Please tell the man that 'God's with him." The officer promised he would.
As I slowly walked back to the office to retrieve my son, a dove began to coo overhead. "Oh Lord, I pray that I've done your will today. Amen.

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