May 17, 2013

My New Cross Necklace. Finally worn with heart.

Most times when I share the signs of God's favor in my life, others respond by saying, "Wow!" Today, God had me saying, "Wow!"

For Mother's day, my husband surprised me with an expensive and very beautiful cross necklace. At first, I graciously accepted his thoughtful gift. But before the day's end, I humbly approached my husband and shared my feelings. "It's just too expensive LeeRoy. You know me, I would rather spend the money on purchasing bibles for others." My husband remained quiet.

The next day, immediately after church, my husband drove to the mall to return the cross necklace. Then, he drove to the Family Christian store and purchased a gift card. After a few hours, he returned home with a solemn look on his face. "What's wrong honey?" I inquired. "It's just the woman in the store had only been working there, I think less than a week. It was her first return and she looked so disappointed." I hugged my husband and replied, "Don't worry honey, I will go to Zales and share my testimony with the woman. I'm sure once she sees how humble I am, she will understand 'why' I couldn't accept such an extravagant gift."

A week later, I drove to the mall with our youngest son. I had planned to purchase a new dress to wear to a wedding. However once there, I shared my intentions with my son. "I would like to share my testimony with the woman in the jewelry store." Then, we walked to the jewelry store. I was quickly greeted by a sales woman. "Have you been helped?" She asked. "Oh, I am just waiting to speak to the sales woman who sold a cross necklace to my husband last week." I responded. "Was there something wrong with it?" She asked. "Oh no." I replied. Then, I immediately began to share my testimony with the woman. After I finished, the woman said, "Ma'am, I am sorry but there is no one here that meets the description of the sales woman you are referring to." Stunned, I called my husband. "Honey, what was the name of the jewelry store where you bought the necklace? And, could you describe the sales woman who sold and later returned the necklace for you?" My husband provided the same description. Meanwhile, my son was talking in my other ear and adamantly saying, "It was this store Mom. We stood right over there." Then, he pointed across the glass counter to the other side of the store.

I was still trying to understand the situation, when the woman softly said, "God must have place it on your husband's heart to buy that necklace for you." Was the gift from God? I began to wonder. Perhaps that's why the woman who sold it to my husband looked so disappointed when he returned it the next day. I decided to purchase the necklace. Humbly, I placed it around my neck and left the jewelry store.

A few hours later, I glanced at my beautiful cross charm again. I began to speak to God in my heart. "Lord, I just don't feel worthy to wear this charm. For so many years, I wore it while leading others away from You. What if I lead others away again?" Suddenly, several doves flew directly over my head.

Only a few hours later, I found myself excitedly explaining all that had happened earlier to another stranger. As I told her how I had acquired the necklace, I looked once again at my new cross. This time, I noticed the heart that surrounded the cross. I heard myself say out loud, "Before, I simply wore a cross charm. Now, I wear a cross with a heart."  

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