Jun 11, 2016

Daily Blog of the 3 Week Diet Plan, Brian Flatt ~by Donna L. Young~ DAY 1

So why would a Bible-Believing, God Fearing woman ever try a fad diet? Well, you're going to have to wait 3 weeks for the reason. (I'm odd enough without adding a finishing touch, unless of course The 3 Week Diet Program by Brian Flatt works). So for right now, I'll just be reporting on my success and failures with the 3 week program.

Let's see. My current weight is 152.2 lbs. Goal weight 140 lbs. (what I weighed the day I married my husband 13 years ago).

~Day 1~  

Because I am a Christian, I'll report the Good News first...


  • Feeling excited to try a new diet. Maybe after 13 years of counting carbs and calories, I'll finally reach my goal. 
  • Only cheated 1x. Ate one teaspoon of mashed potatoes while cooking my husband's dinner. Yeah! 
  • The first day is not unlike the 21 Day Detox, I've sort-of been doing once a year for sometime. 
  • The only exercise for this day is a 20 min walk. EASY-PEASY! Had to walk the dogs anyway.


  • Difficult to break the habit of one cup of coffee with my morning bible study (quiet time with the LORD).  For seven years straight, I've kept the same settled method of devotion. With this plan, I am not supposed to eat or drink anything until 12:00 p. And, NO COFFEE is allowed for the first 2 weeks. My poor family!
  • For my first meal, I combined all the ALLOWED veggies that I already had in my fridge. I made a homemade soup. My homemade soup included cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and onion. The entire house smelled like I was suffering from a bad case of flatulence. Probably not a good time to host a women's bible study!
  • Intense headache! Felt like I was doing a complete fast. 
  • Difficult to actually drink the gallon of water prescribed by the 3 week diet plan.
  • Need to have access to a bathroom from drinking so much water. 

I felt all fired up about starting a new diet plan. So, I decided to take advantage of the occasion. Therefore, I added a day of parasitic cleanse by taking innovite Black Walnut Complex and using a Zapper that I had purchased months ago but barely used.

So far, so good. See you tomorrow!

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