Jun 28, 2017

March 19, 2012 My Personal Journal Entry: What does it mean to be a child of God?

Precious Heavenly Father, I am finally beginning to understand why some call this walk a personal journey with You. Things are happening to me that I am not quite sure others would understand. For instance, this morning when I gazed into the mirror, I noticed something peculiar. A patch of dry skin that hasn’t been part of my life for over 30 years has suddenly reappeared.  I am sure that You are calling my attention to something. Yet, at this moment, I am not sure what that might be.
I had completely forgotten about that old boot shaped scaly spot that was such a part of my childhood. Now, its sudden reappearance catches me off guard, causing me to reflect upon my childhood. Strange enough, a passage from Your Word comes to mind. So I take a moment and read Matthew 18:1-6. Not before long, I am pondering the story in which You set a little child before the disciples, solemnly assuring them, that unless they were converted and made like little children, they would not enter Your kingdom. I wonder, “What does it mean to become Your child, a “child of God?”
I spent the rest of today reading bible commentary written about this particular verse. One particular commentary immediately spoke to my heart. “Children, when very young, do not desire authority, do not regard outward distinctions, are free from malice, are teachable, and willingly dependent on their parents.” [1] In my heart, I reason, “But, LORD, I am none of these things. Why would You, God so majestic in glory, awesome in might, and ever near with Your loving presence, ever want to call me 'Your Child?' Oh LORD, I want so much to spend eternity with You. Please shape my heart. Help me to adopt Your ways. Thank You for Your love that allows me, a sinful human being, to call You Father. I pray someday, that I might hear You call me Your child. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

[1] Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible by Matthew Henry Matthew 18:1-6
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