Jun 29, 2017

March 25, 2012 My Personal Journal entry: Sitting alone in church again?

Dear Heavenly Father, two short years ago, my husband and I were sitting side by side turning the pages of our Bibles together in church. Now sadly, we are struggling in our marriage once again. It all started when he began traveling across the USA for work. Perhaps we weren’t ready for time and space to come between us.

Now, we only see LeeRoy one weekend a month when he returns home from his far away job site. While Saturday is a day of re-connection, we usually spend Sunday apart. Travis and I attend church while my husband goes golfing. Each time a church member asks, “Where’s LeeRoy?” I choke back tears. When Travis cries and says, “I miss my dad.” I cry along too. It’s clear that once again, we’ve become a divided family. And, this fills my heart with sorrow. Please God, help us to become a family that loves spending time with one another that and lives to bring honor to Your name. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.”
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