Jun 11, 2017

November 25, 2011 Journal Entry. Father God, even in this upside down world, Your plans are always good.

Holy and Mighty God, on this last day of our vacation, my heart fills with joyful anticipation. My husband has planned yet another surprise trip for our family.  Oh, how I love when You place a desire on my husband’s heart! 
Early this morning, LeeRoy told me that even before we arrived, he had asked his co-workers if they knew of a nearby site that Christians must see. One of his coworkers suggested a climbing trip to a local monument where another believer had spent much of his life creating a tribute to You.  Without hesitation, LeeRoy began to coordinate a day trip for our family.  I practically jumped out of his moving truck to witness the mighty Words of the Bible painted upon the mountainside.  

The Lord's Prayer

 I was still feeling bewildered by my husband’s sweet attempt to please me when he joyfully grabbed my hand and walked by my side as we slowly climbed the mountain and read scripture together.  I captured the moment on film as we enjoyed “Salvation Mountain,” as it is called. In my heart, I couldn’t help but offer You thanks yet again. I softly prayed, “Father God, even in this upside down world, Your plans are always good. You seem to know just how to demonstrate Your majesty. Thank You for all the activities You planned for us as a family this week. I know now, that Your love is what has sustained my marriage. And, I pray that this love will always be painted upon my heart. Amen.” 
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