Jul 25, 2017

August 5, 2012. My Personal Journal Entry: God answers another prayer! Thank You Jesus, my LORD!

All Gracious King, I love how in the midst of uncertainty, You bestow a wondrous blessing. THANK YOU! We’ve been living in the trailer for a few weeks now. And, as You know, my husband's snoring has been keeping me awake at night. Today, I’d like to thank You for answering yet another prayer. For years, I had prayed, "Please Lord silence my husband so that I can have a restful night sleep. I desperately want to have the energy to do Your will." Now, suddenly, after four years of praying and nine years of marriage, last night, my husband miraculously rolled over and began sleeping upon his stomach. Pure silence! Thank You, LORD! Thank You!

O God, unseen yet ever near,
Thy presence may we feel;
And thus inspired with holy fear,
Before Thine altar kneel.
Here may Thy faithful people know
The blessings of Thy love,
The streams that through the desert flow,
The manna from above.
We come, obedient to Thy Word,
To feast on heav’nly food;
Our meat the body of the Lord,
Our drink His precious blood.
Thus may we all Thy Word obey,
For we, O God, are Thine;
And go rejoicing on our way,
Renewed with strength divine.

Ed­ward Os­ler, Church and King, 1836, alt.

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