Jul 24, 2017

August 3, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: God is not a God of Confusion!

Dear Sovereign LORD,  Summer is officially over and it is time to enroll our seven-year-old son into second grade.  For the first time in years, a new backpack isn’t hanging on a bedroom door filled to the brim with school supplies. Nor is a new school outfit picked out and ready for the first day. My husband says, within months, we’ll likely be moving again due to his job. Therefore, I have big decision to make. What do I do with Travis?
If I enrolled him in public school, no doubt, within a month or two he’ll have to painfully have to say “goodbye” to new friends. But, I just don’t know if I am capable of homeschooling my son. Plus, homeschooling Travis might mean I’d have to stop ministering to others full-time.  Uncertainty has once again found its way into my heart. “Please, LORD, guide me in this decision. Which way do I turn to bring You glory? Please lead me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”
Later On
Just a few hours after getting up off my knees, my cell phone rang, “Hello?” On the other end of the phone was a Social Worker that I had met once. “Donna, is that you?” She politely asked. “I thought that I had lost you after you moved.” We chatted about my husband and our move, oddly enough, before she ended the call, she emphasized the importance of enrolling my young son in public school. “You need your time to serve God,” she said, “and, your son needs friends his own age to play with.” I was amazed! The only way she’d have known the dilemma I was currently facing was through the power of Your Spirit. It was a sign!

            So, I gathered the documentation required for enrollment. Yet, I couldn’t locate our trailer park rental agreement. This one piece of paper was the only official documentation of our current street address. My husband suggested that I go to the trailer park office to obtain another copy of the agreement. At the office, I shared my desire to enroll Travis in the nearby public school and my need for certain documentation. That’s when I hit a road block. “This park doesn’t pay taxes to state schools. All school-aged children need to be home schooled.” The manager explained. “But what about that odd phone call?” I immediately thought to myself. I returned to our trailer feeling utterly confused! “What do I do LORD? Please show me the way.”  
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