Jul 23, 2017

August 2, 2012: My Personal Journal Entry: When God blesses His Children in a Personal Way

Good morning LORD! Incredibly upon our return home today, I received a few heavenly blessings. While I still felt sadness from the church member’s death, all doubt had been erased. And, I was able to receive Your grace with an open heart once again.
I smiled when You moved our trailer to a new shaded spot. I began to giggle when You also relocated my mourning dove, once again, perching the dove right outside my bedroom window so that I would wake to the sweet reminder of Your Spirit.
Then, suddenly when it began to rain for hours, and as a result, the temperature failed to surpass even 80 degrees, I began to laugh.
But when the son of a missionary couple rolled by our trailer on his scooter, I burst out in uncontrollable laughter! The family with two young boys, who had just returned home from a mission trip in Africa, revealed that they will be living within walking distance from our trailer. Now, Travis will have Christian friends to play with. Thank You, Father God! Thank You for the very personal way You bless Your children. And, thank You for being such a good good Father! In Jesus’ name. Amen. 
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