Jul 22, 2017

July 30, 2012. My Personal Journal Entry: Christians can become Discouraged too!

Dear Jesus, for the past three days, I’ve wrestled with what I thought was an unanswered prayer. I allowed discouragement to divide my mind, which made it hard to focus on anything besides my disappointment. While I still kept in completing my household chores, I listened to my heavy heart which told me to keep my distance from others. “After all,” I told myself, “Who wants to be with someone who’s acting depressed and defeated?” But today, I decided to place my faith back in You LORD, and trust that Your ways are good and perfect.
After signing Travis up for Vacation Bible School, I drove Travis to our little hometown to visit friends.  I was ready to resume my role as a full-time Evangelist.  
We had just crossed the city line when I felt Your Spirit tug in my heart.  I was being led straight to the home of a woman whose eight-year-old son was, at that very moment, being wheeled into an ambulance and taken to a hospital. I walked into her home at the very moment she told a fireman, “I am all alone now. I have nobody to turn to.” I immediately grabbed the woman’s hand. Then, I sat by her side and prayed with her, assuring her that You were with her through her trial.
            Feeling strong again, I stayed by her side until she cried every last tear. All the while, I felt as though I had been given a full heaping cup of hope from Your Holy Spirit.

Afterward, I drove Travis to a nearby church so that he could participate in a sweet program designed to worship You. What a blessing it was to hear my 7-yr-old's sweet voice singing songs of praise! Later on in the hotel room, I knelt down, head to the floor to worship You. I thanked You for allowing us to spend time with our friends, for keeping us safe and for rejuvenating our souls. I Love You, LORD. Thank You for a good day!
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