Jul 14, 2017

July 7, 2012 My Personal Journal Entry: Taming my Christian Tongue for God's Sake

Dear Jesus, this heat is blistering! News reporters warn, “A dangerous heat wave is expected to hit parts of Southern California beginning Tuesday, bringing triple-digit temperatures to inland valley areas,” exactly where You’ve moved us. The outside thermometer reads, “106 degrees.” Our small built-in air conditioner is working overtime to keep up with the sweltering heat. And, as the temperature boils, I find myself struggling to keep my cool.  

It’s only mid-afternoon and I’ve completely forgotten how to tame my tongue. My poor young son! I’m picking on him about every little thing. Please, Jesus, use Your Spirit to calm my soul. I’m sorry I’ve chosen to waste this day by complaining. Help me, Lord, to be a reflection of Your love, especially to my young son, no matter my circumstances. In Your Holy Name. Amen." 
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